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Document Scanning & Imaging Services

Document Scanning to Solve Your File Storage & Retrieval Problems

Successful businesses can generate tons of paper!GrandScan uses high-speed document scanners and imaging software to create high quality, digitized images of your files

GrandScan's document imaging services help your business reclaim the wasted space, time, and money it costs to file, find, re‑file, and store paper documents. We scan your paper files into PDFs and return them to you on searchable CD or DVD, indexed to the way you do business.

GrandScan's Document Scanning Services

GrandScan uses high-speed document scanners and imaging software to create high quality, digitized images of your files. Our full-service document imaging service includes:

  • Preparing your files for scanning
  • Indexing each file according to your specifications
  • We scan your paper files and return them to you as PDFs on searchable CDsConverting the scanned files to PDF electronic documents. Legally recognized by all Federal and State court systems, electronic files archived in PDF format are easily accessible by multiple search fields (such as file number, name, address, date, etc.) to suit your business.
  • Copying the PDFs onto CDs or DVDs that include an integrated search utility that provides instant access to your files, effectively creating digital file cabinets you can hold in your hand. If you have a network, the files can be saved onto your network server for secure, simultaneous access by multiple users.
  • Securely shredding the scanned paper files.
  • Providing you two copies of each CD or DVD so you can store one securely off-site as part of your disaster recovery program.

Advantages of Document Scanning

When you outsource your document scanning to GrandScan, you get professional results with no investment in additional equipment, software, skills training, or staff. You gain instant access to your scanned files, another layer of file backup, and reclaimed storage space.

Our service commitment is to make sure you get the benefits of digital documents... without the work, worry, or capital investments.

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